Cutting Edge Technology

Maximize Your Company’s Advertising Impact with the Credit Card-sized Ice Scraper Card!
With your company logo and contact information graphically displayed in high-impact, photographic quality, the advertising opportunities for this miniature “Billboard in your Billfold” are unlimited.

Because IceCard® is the size of a credit card, with advertising options on both sides, your customers will have two “Billboards” of your company’s advertising space that contain your strategic message and contact information wherever they go. And because of its functionality, people are enthusiastic to share it with others. IceCard® maximizes your return on investment by putting your advertising dollars to work in an effective and functional manner.

IceCard® is dynamic advertising vehicle that customers actually use! Whether scraping frost and ice from a windshield, or removing or applying wax to a surfboard, or cleaning wax of the bottom of skis and snowboards this product does get used – thereby increasing your reach and impact. All three products are dynamic advertising vehicles that maximize:


Items that serve a clear purpose are almost always the way to go when choosing promotional products.  Practical items are best simply because they get used, and every use generates some exposure for your company.


IceCard® is a great promotional item because it is easily transported from place to place, so that it can be used in many different places to generate maximum exposure. When a credit-card sized IceCard® is used in front of other people, it generates interest in the item, and the advertising message it carries gets some attention too.

Value for money

Value for money isn’t an essential factor in terms of the advertising an item can generate, but it’s always an important consideration when buying promotional items. IceCard® makes easy the difficult task to strike a balance between quality and cost.  It gives you a complete “billboard in the billfold.”